The Footprint course is a strategy focused, futures trading course, following a unique process-driven approach. The Footprint tool is a unique Order Flow tool, assisting traders to perfect timing execution on the Price Ladder and it encompasses leading information in comparison to traditional Technical Analysis. The course covers the most liquid futures markets, including bonus units covering a Cryptocurrency Bitcoin strategy session.The total course duration is 35.5 hours and includes; principle learning, practical applications, live market examples, ten unique strategies, and much, much more…..

UNIT 1 – The Footprint Tool
UNIT 2 – Setting Up Your Free Footprint Charts
UNIT 3 – The Key Footprint Trading
UNIT 4 – Advanced Footprint Charting
UNIT 5 – Footprint Chart Strategy Development

UNIT 6 – Strategy 1: Absorption and Auctioning
UNIT 7 – Strategy 2: Hiding Behind the Elephant
UNIT 8 – Strategy 3: Failed Break of Support and Resistance
UNIT 9 – Strategy 4: Auction Imbalances
UNIT 10 – Strategy 5: Exhaustion High and Low
UNIT 11 – Strategy 6: The Initiative Drive

UNIT 12 – Strategy 7: Key Auction Reversals
UNIT 13 – Strategy 8: Breakout Trading
UNIT 14 – Strategy 9: Footprint Delta Position Unwind
UNIT 15 – Strategy 10: Risk Event Trading
UNIT 16 – The Footprint Playbook Debrief


Module 1 – Learning Objectives, Outcomes & Methodology

Module 2 – Introduction to Order Flow

Module 3 – Course Curriculum Outline and Roadmap

Module 4 – What the Ladders tell you that the Charts don’t


Module 5 – Market Participants with Algorithms & High Frequency Trading (HFT)

Module 6 – Auctioning Exchange and Market Velocity

Module 7 – Introduction to Order Flow Price Patterns

Module 8 – Large Orders

Module 9 – Absorption Order Flow Events

Module 10 – Market Flipping, Layering and Spoofing Price Patterns


Module 11 – Trend Reversal Order Flow Indicator

Module 12 – Momentum Breakout Order Flow Patterns

Module 13 – Practice: Confluence of Order Flow Strategies


Module 14 – Evolution of Order Flow and Price Patterns

Module 15 – What makes an Elite Order Flow Trader

Module 16 – Interviews with Elite Order Flow Traders

You are presented with a number of different strategies to try out in different markets. Then you take the leaning outcomes of all these practice sessions, and figure out what works best for you in the markets you like to trade. If you are diligent, you will find some things that resonate with you. I would recommend putting heavy focus on the early modules that talk about market velocity and speed. The more I trade the DOM, the more I recognize how important these things are for order flow traders.

PART 1 – What, How and Why of Volume Profiling

PART 2 – Participants within the Auction Process

PART 3 – Volume Profiling Elements

PART 4 – Volume Profiling in Action

PART 5 – Principles: Symmetry, Day Types, Price Behaviour and Trading Process

PART 6 – Bracketing, Trending, Market Balance, Trade Location and Market Open Strategies

PART 7 – Auction Identifiers, Point of Control, Anomalies and High/Low Volume Areas

PART 8 – Control Identifiers, Profile Strategies and Volume Profiling Templating

PART 9 – Anomaly Volume Profiling Strategies

PART 10 – Momentum Volume Profiling Strategies

PART 11 – Trending Volume Profiling Strategies

PART 12 – Reversal Volume Profiling Strategies

The first structured Price Ladder course delivered by senior trader Miltos Savvidis, with intensive Trading Drills of Futex’ best order flow setups.


“To reach individuals that are passionate about the financial markets and empower them with the knowledge, skills and financial funding so that they may pursue a long-lasting and lucrative career in trading.”

The Price Ladder Training programme was developed with a vision in mind. That vision was to cause a paradigm shift in trader development, by providing a platform for traders of all experience levels to rapidly hone the invaluable skillset of reading order-flow in the financial markets. By training them how to read order-flow, our ultimate objective is to create the next generation of great traders.

With our intensive simulated Trading Drills, the programme utilizes our proprietary FutexLive Replay technology to rapidly accelerate your understanding of how to trade order-flow patterns, using institutional Level II trading software commonly known as the “Price Ladder”. The Price Ladder is our traders’ number one execution platform and is the most effective way to profit from major event-driven risks and specific order flow patterns, which are Futex’ most profitable setups.

The programme has been created so that it exposes you to the fundamental elements of the market; buyers and sellers. It is geared towards accelerating your learning curve in the art of basic of order-flow and also the science behind trading the most volatile risk events, in order to profit from them as our professional traders do. All of our traders undergo the intensive Price Ladder Training, which ultimately gives them a much greater chance of reaching a consistently profitable performance.

PROVIDE THE BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE AND CONTEXT BEHIND THE SETUP. We make sure you have a solid understanding behind the premise of the order flow pattern or setup.
REHEARSE SKILLS IN REALISTIC COMBINATIONS. We do not simply want you to learn to place orders in the book, but we drill you on placing orders based upon what you see on the Price Ladder. We give you drills in different market environments i.e. rangebound, trending, high/low volatility, high/low volume.
SET GOALS FOR EACH PRACTICE SESSION TO GENERATE IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK. Each practice session’s objectives is based upon progress from previous sessions. Goals are specific, so you can track gains in your learning.
DRILL SKILLS TO PROMOTE IMPLICIT LEARNING. We want to make skills automatic through rapid repetition, solidifying learning, and providing resistance to emotional interference.
With this specific structure we have the ability and intention to push your learning curve to its limits.