Find Out How Forex Currency Analytics Unveils The Aggressive Institutional Buyers & Sellers Of ANY Pair… Inside Every Candle On Your Chart!


MARKET VALUATION – Finds overvalued and undervalued pairs
SUPPLY AND DEMAND – Confirms institutional supply & demand


INSTITUTIONAL TRADE LOCATIONS – Pinpoints where institutions are most likely buying & selling
BUY & SELL IMBALANCES – Shows where aggressive buyers and sellers are controlling the marketplace
EXHAUSTION ALERTS – Shows when aggressive buyers and sellers are running out of steam
REVERSAL ALERTS– Uses multiple real-time and historical data points to warn you a potential price reversal is coming
NEWS HIGHLIGHT & FEED – Shows and PLOTS crucial news events directly on your chart with built-in real-time news ticker
TIME PRICE OPPORTUNITY– Shows market-generated day types, trade distributions, and distribution curves with market profile analytics
ORDER SIZE PROFILING – Reveals daily, weekly, monthly composites as well as long-term commercial trader and institutional volume
POSITION SIZER & RISK REWARD CALCULATOR – Drag and Drop calculation lines automatically calibrates and confirms winning risk/reward ratios with lowest risk and optimal position size for your account size

Institution-Grade Currency Insights

CLEAN & SIMPLE CHARTS – No confusion. No second-guessing what to look for
SPOT TRAPS & PRICE REVERSALS – See where committed traders are creating massive opportunities
MINIMIZE RISK – Know exact risk to reward ratios before trades & optimize stop-targets in real time
FIND KILLER LOCATIONS – Find & confirm prime locations with the lowest risk and highest rewards
SEE AGGRESSIVE BUYERS & SELLERS – Never second-guess again who is in control of the market at ANY given time
SLASH RESEARCH TIME – Built-in news feed & plotter shows most crucial news events for ANY pair


  • Project: Orderflow Analysis
  • Platform: Ninjatrader 8
  • Market: Forex