Bell Market Profile Ultimate is much more than just a Market Profile software. It includes all the teaching features with automatically reference lines are shown on the screen like Instrument,VAH,POC,VAL,IB Range,ORR Top,ORR Bot,Double Mech Ref Top,Double Mech Ref Bot,Triple Mech Ref Top,Triple Mech Ref Bot,PPOC,AB Poor High,AB Poor Low,Poor High,Poor Low,Failed Auction Buy Failed Auction Sell,Weekly High,Weekly Low,Full Size Buy Price,Full Size Buy SL Full Size Sell Price,Full Size Sell SL,G2 High,G2 Low,G3 High,G3 Low,Gap Up Gap Dn and much more…

With all these reference lines & scanners one can easily reduce the work load on manually looking for the pattrens which is crucial in trading in stock market.



Bell Market Profile-Pro is designed on NT8 for active trading community to help what is actually traders visualize happening in the market.

Market Profile on Ninjatrader has been one of the best tools used by professional traders since many years.Ninjatrader Marketprofile will show where trading is occurring and gives actionable levels to trade.

Bell Market Profile-Pro offers many features:

  • 30% more faster access to charts in NT8
  • Split Vs Composite profile
  • High Volume Alert
  • Absolute Volume Profile
  • customise the chart colours
  • POC, VPOC, Value Area, HVN, LVN nodes and lot more.

Bell Order Flow-PRO is the next generation of technical analysis. Built out of a need to see beneath price movement – to see why price was moving. The program aggregates millions of trades into useful visualizations that enable you to see how buyers and sellers are striking into the market auction. BOF-PRO reveals market sentiment and shows you whether buyers or sellers are winning the battle.
The Bell Order Flow-PRO is a toolkit of optimized order flow and volume visualization. Time and sales data – which is impossible to decipher in its raw form – instantly transform into customizable graphic displays. For decades retail traders have relied on indicators based upon historical data. The Bell Order Flow-PRO changes the trading style to allow you to see the conviction of market participants in the moment……

Bell Order Flow-Pro offers many features:

  • 30% more faster access to charts in NT8
  • BidxAsk Ladders
  • High Volume Alert
  • Volume Imbalance
  • Volume Spread Analysis
  • Delta Candles
  • Delta, Cumulative Delta
  • Volume Profile
  • COT
  • Contract Reversal
  • customise the chart colours

Bell R-Delta Alert provides 360 degree microscopic view about the markets particularly designed for Scalpers, Intraday and short term players

Bell R-Delta Alert offers features:

  • On Screen Alert
  • sound alert
  • Email Alert

*Note:Bell R-Delta is an add-on product for bell order flow -Pro

Most Traders know about the two broadly known methodologies used to investigate a market Fundamental and Technical Analysis. Various strategies can be utilized as a part of each approach, however as a rule key investigation is worried about the topic of why something in the market will happen, and specialized examination endeavors to answer the topic of when something will happen. Volume Spread Analysis, nonetheless, is a third way to deal with examining a market. It consolidates the best of both Fundamental andTechnical Analysis into a solitary approach that answers the two inquiries of ‘why’ and ‘when’ all the while.

Bell VSA-PRO Alert offers features:

  • The VSA Signals
  • Volume Profile – Relative
  • customise the profile colour
  • HVN Alert

Bell Trend Analyzer provides directional bias for a trader and helps identify trend earlier. Bars are colored for quick trend identification with proper text annotations.


  • Pre-loaded default settings, Buy/sell mode

Delta is the net difference between the buyers and sellers in the market.positive delta represents more buyers . Negative delta represents more sellers.

BELL Delta Offers :

  • Cumulative Delta candles
  • Delta of each bar as Histogram
  • Delta level sound alert

  • Project: Orderflow Analysis
  • Platform: Ninjatrader 8
  • Market: Stock Market & Futures