The Order Flow + suite of premium features available for NinjaTrader 8 gives you tools to analyze trade activity using order flow, volumetric bars & market depth.

Identify buying & selling pressure to confirm market movement in a specific direction as the trading action unfolds through visualization of the order flow.

Volumetric bars track buyers and sellers tick by tick giving you a comprehensive view of the activity for order flow trading.

  • Footprint style visualization
  • Show order flow imbalance
  • Market delta analysis
  • Identify volume clusters, absorption, exhaustion and unfinished auction patterns

Historic and real-time visualization of the limit order book giving you clear insight of market depth and order flow.

  • See the progression of the limit order book
  • Easily identify supply and demand

A comprehensive advanced analysis technique that displays the distribution of trading volume over price for a specified time range revealing significant levels of support and resistance.

  • Multiple visualization modes
  • Plot volume, delta, ticks or price
  • Display point of control and value areas

Analyze the tape and visualize significant trade events on your chart. A powerful combination when used in conjunction with the Order Flow Depth Map.

  • Tracks trades based on buyer or seller activity
  • Display based on trade size or accumulation

The Trade Detector tracks trades based on buyer or seller activity and plots circles over the price bars where considerable trading volume has taken place. The diameter of the circles is proportional to the total volume traded at each highlighted area.

Plot the underlying order flow to uncover the battle between buyers and sellers. Delta refers to the net difference between buying and selling volume at each price level. Cumulative Delta builds upon this concept by recording a cumulative tally of these differences in buying vs selling volume.

Using the Cumulative Delta Indicator

Two Views of Cumulative Delta

Plot the volume-weighted average price of a market. Volume-weighted average price (VWAP) is similar to a moving average but incorporates volume data as well. VWAP is calculated by weighing the average price of a trading vehicle against its trading volume within a specified time interval.

The VWAP indicator consists of a VWAP line overlaying the price data with up to 3 standard deviations plotted above and below. Both the VWAP line and the standard deviations indicate potential support and resistance levels surrounding the current price.

With the new Equivolume chart style for NinjaTrader 8, traders can easily see which bars received the most relative volume simply by comparing their widths. Equivolume charts are simple in their design. Each candlestick represents the open, high, low and close of the time interval specified, and the width of the bar shows the period’s relative volume compared to other bars. The wider the bar, the greater the volume.


  • Project: Orderflow Analysis
  • Platform: Ninjatrader 8
  • Market: Futures & Forex
  • Help & Training: