We provide NinjaTrader®8 Add-Ons to help you analyze all the powerful information being communicated by the exchanges and display market generated information in an eye-catching way while allying the power of sophisticated analysis options to help you make better insightful trading decisions.

The indicators and Add-ons from Trading Orderflow are mostly directed at day-traders interested in maximizing their edge by leveraging the information generated by orderflow. But, most of our Add-Ons can also help you if you are swing-trading. For example, SuperDom allows you to request large time-frame volume profiles like weekly and/or monthly and OrderFlow Speed can use any-time as well.

By allying our add-ons with your NinjaTrader® you allow yourself to gain insights from this highly valuable information.

A Highly Customizable Suite Of Premium Columns To Expand Your SuperDOM And Your Orderflow Analysis.

It’s possible with NinjaTrader 8 to add custom made columns to your SuperDOM. Create your own SuperDOM. Now with direct Trading capabilities, templates and more!

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SuperDOM Series

Sophisticated  Market Depth Visualizer Right In Your Charts

View Market Level 2 AKA market depth on your NinjaTrader charts. Change settings in real-time and view historical depth values on the chart. Compatible with any of your chart indicators. Get a better confluence analysis with your levels!

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Easily Access Information About Market Speed And Velocity.

Orderflow provides you with all the information about the speed of the market and also lets you see historical orderflow information. Comes with advanced filtering capabilities but also lets you reconstruct trades.

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Get Previous And Current Session VWAP Generated Price Levels.

Get all intraday VWAP levels on your chart with also previous sessions levels. Comes with Price to VWAP normalized indicator and a Market Analyser template so that you are kept current of daily trends.

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  • Project: Orderflow Analysis
  • Platform: Ninjatrader 8
  • Market: Futures