NinjaTrader Tools for Automated Trading

Clear-Cut Trade Signals


• Achieve Trade Signal Clarity


• Utilize  Computer Accuracy


• Bring Trading Ideas to Life

Plan Your System


•  Quick & Easy Node Building System


• Instant On-Chart W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G Feedback


• Custom & 3rd Party Indicator Compatible

Validate Your System


• Backtest for Confidence

• Focus on Improvements.  Not Wondering

•  Trade with Peace of Mind

Risk Management


• Pre-Program Order Movement


• Enhanced Position Scaling


• Limitless User Capabilites

Trade Management


•  Dynamic Planning


• Entry, Profit, & Stop-loss  Management


• Unlimited Stop-loss Trailing Rules

Money Management


• High-Water Mark Profit Protection


• Limit Your Account Exposure


•  Account Oversight Capabilities