TPO studies really are a must-have for any trader trying to get a handle on a market’s bigger picture, from the auction theory perspective.

TPO Classic

Classic to the core but with a super-clean and modern design, this is the latest addition to the TPO lineup. Designed specifically for intraday use in traditional TPO analysis.


Flexible, fresh and feature-packed while still remaining in touch with it’s traditional roots, the New TPO can be used on ultra-short time frames or to analyze years’ worth of price action.

TPO Intraday

While it’s true that other TPO studies in this pack focus on profiling days, weeks and even years’ worth of time, the intraday study is specially designed for much smaller time frames. You can now profile individual bars or blocks of time. If you are a short-term trader or scalper considering TPOs, this study is for you. Have a look and consider how it might add some new depth to your trading strategy.

TPO Value Channel

If you’re a TPO trader or trade a mean-reverting instrument, this may be one study you won’t want to find yourself without. Like the Volume Value Channel study, this tracks just the session value area and nothing but the value area as it develops in real time.

TPO Microcomp

The companion to the micro-composite in the Volume Profile Pack, the TPO micro-composite (MC) helps you profile longer spans of time than a session.

TPO Evolution

While the New TPO and TPO Classic are mostly about intraday time frames, the TPO Evolution is all about weeks, months and even years. It uses 3 essential dimensions – range, width and color-tuned time – to help you view the big-picture auction action.